Hardcover Image Wrap

Genuine Leather

The Album

We carry flush mount album for weddings and unforgettable events. 

Paper Thickness:

Our thicker pages are 1.3mm and consists of a 0.5mm paper and 0.8mm substrate core. Our 1.3mm pages max out at 50 pages (25 sheets).

Album Sizes:

- 8X8" Square - 20 Pages: $300.00 

- 12X12" Square - 30 Pages:  $500.00

- 11X14" Landscape - 40 Pages: $800.00 

Additional Pages: $10 - Max of 50 Pages.

Regular Black Edition Storage Box: $50 for all Sizes. 


Genuine Leather | Hard Cover 


A handmade box is made for any album size. The box will come with any image that you desire. 

8X8" $100

12X12" $150

11X14" $180

Cameo Window Option: Extra $50.00 (Only for Genuine Leather)

Parent Book 6X6"

Parent Book 6X6"A "parent book" is a miniature wedding book traditionally given to parents of the bride and groom. A parent book is identical in almost every way to larger wedding book.$200.00 (Same Design as the Main Album "The Album")

Wooden Memory Sticks

Our Laser Engraved memory sticks are made to hold from 8GB to 64GB. Each Wooden Memory Stick Comes inside a Wooden Boxes with names engraved on it. 

8GB: $100

12GB: $150

32GB: $200

64GB: $250

Cameo Window Option

Paper Thickness & Quality

Wooden USB Drive

Storage & Image Wrapped Boxed

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