How about your rates?

Commissions for weddings depends on wedding location and availability. Average bookings for clients is $3000. Reach out via the Contact Page or at info@jasonvillamil.com for full pricing pages and full galleries for review.

Commissions for professional portraits depends on the creative direction of the project and availability. Average bookings for client is $300.00.

The Album

I have two choices of albums - Hardcover Image Wrap and Genuine Leather.

How many hours do you cover? Usually? 

I really don't have a limit, a have a package that cover as low as 5hrs for unique small weddings. I can stay for as long as you want me to. 

Do you have insurance?

Yes, just tell the venue manager to email me or call me for my information.

Can you travel?

I love to travel, meet new people, see new things, if your wedding is out of state or out of the country I have great deals for such weddings. As long as we can get their by plane, car, boat, or walk I m in. 

I m ready, Your my photographer what's next? 

Well, now that you have decided that I m your photographer, it would be nice to meet and discuss your event and at that time I will have a contract ready as well as a deposit for your event. 

How many photos do I get?

It all depends on how big your event is.

Usually you will get 1000 images per wedding. 

What's a Wooden/Bamboo USB Flash Drive?

- Let's face it, DVD or CD's are gone. Our lives revolved around computers and USB Plugs.

How cool is it? To take your photos with you everywhere you go on this small Wooden? Bamboo Square Piece made up of all your memories inside. | USB Flash Drive Samples |

Why Investment?

- Some photos have a price tag and others don't. For me memories are priceless, and as we keep these photos with us in time, time passes and the value & love for these memories increases every year as we get further away from those memories.

How do you reach me?

-You can reach me at my 24/7 Line at (201) 800-3998, or you can email me at info@vivelmarketing.com

How soon should I contact you in order to book my event?

- It's best to contact me no  later than a month from the date of your event. The sooner I know about your event, the sooner I can arrange your event on my calendar.

After I call you and I decide that I want you as my photographer, what's NEXT?

I will email you the contract and schedule a meeting to go over everything and answer all of your questions on how your event will be handled.

If my event is cancelled what's NEXT?

- If you cancel your event, I will be more than happy to reschedule. A minimum of 12hrs notice is required in order to prevent a cancellation fee.

Once I view my Online Password Protected Gallery, Can I print them?

-Yes!  Straight from your Online Gallery you can Purchase your Prints and they will be shipped straight to your house.

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