Shooting Juices and What I learn from it!

May 26th, 2015

First, I need to say that shooting this was not easy. Make sure you have a tripod and Ladder. I used my Dolica tripod. They are pretty affordable and really good quality.  I got the wood background at Ikea. I always go to the sale section and buy all types of different backgrounds. You never know when I will be shooting something different and you need a cool background or reflection. 

I shoot these Juices for a Magazine named - "Latin Show Magazine" - my girl was the director, she prepared the juices and wrote the article for the magazine. Check her out she is an amazing wedding blogger and is just an amazing cool person. - that's her page. 

What I learned!

From now on I love juices. They are really good and super healthy! I tried all of them and fell in love with each different recipe. I suggest you try them or wait for that magazine article to come out, as soon as is out I will put it back here. 

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