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Elinchrom Lights and a Good Friend

June 23rd, 2015

Everything started when CAD Signs gave me a call about a month ago, we set up an appointment and boom had a meeting the next day. At first they wanted to just shoot the trucks but not the employees. I talked to Alex, the CEO and I convince him that if he was going to hire a professional photographer might as well just shoot the entire company.

We organized everything for the photo shoot, we set up a date and time for the employees and other time and date for the trucks. For me this photo shoot was going to be the biggest of the year, it involve massive trucks, about 15 employees, actions shots, insurances, permits and just the whole nine yards. 

As the day got closer I made sure I had the right equipment for this shoot. I used my Nikon D700 which is my favorite one and it's in the process of retirement, but it's just such an amazing camera that I can't let it go. Until my D810 arrives. My lighting gear consistent of Two D-Lite RX4 heads from Elinchrom, my Dolica Carbon Fiber CX700B505 D/S 70", One Octa Softbox - Rotalux 53". 

Now the scary part, I m a very busy guy, running a Marketing Agency, dealing with about 30 clients, and I have a lot on my mind, and for some reason, I didn't remember that my 24-70mm recently broke in my recent trip to California. The night before the shoot, I suddenly realize that my lens was broken, I went in a little panic attack but then realize that I have a few but good friends around me, and I texted my friend Tav Imagines and I asked him if I can borrow his 24-70mm. I went to sleep with no answer because It was around midnight. I woke up at 5 am and he texted me with his home address and with a "yes!". That moment I got ready, rushed to his house and picked it up the lens. - That's how Good Friends can save your life. Always have good people around you. Not quantity but quality - Always 

The Videos below just show a little bit of how I shoot the trucks - Its a timelapse. I promise next time I will do a better Job at filming my self-working. 

Thanks for reading this - Much love! Like it, Share it, Comment it. 

"A Humble, Passionate and Commercial Photographer." - Jason Villamil

Equipment Used

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