An Afternoon in Santa Monica, CA

September 12th, 2015

First of all I want to thank a very close friend "Daniel Calderon from Dolica Corporation for having me as a guest and my father as well. I met Daniel about 3 years ago on a social media platform known as Instagram. Daniel is the VP of Sales for a tripod and technology company in California known as Dolica. We started chatting on Instagram and then boomm we click and started becoming friends. Now we are like family, even he is about 20 years older then me we really get along, as for myself I am an old soul. You can follow him on Instagram: @daniel110953  and Dolica at: @dolicacorp

About 2 days before being in Santa Monica Bay, I visited the Art Gallery of the Photographer Peter Lik, in Las Vegas, Nevada, which really gave me an inspiration of shooting a photo that he did in one of the west coast bays. I wanted to create something in my own way and my own touch. Lik is a very famouse photographer and I m just a guy thats trying to make it, so it's a big inspiration and a way of showcasing my abilities in the photo world. 

My next stop is Yosemite..... keep in the loop to see that I can capture in a place that's always been a dream for me to be there. 

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