Bio - New Jersey Commerical Photographers - Jason Villamil

Jason Villamil is a Commercial and Wedding Photographers in New Jersey. He is the founder of Two Human Studios LLC and N.D.C. Marketing LLC "Vivel Marketing".

Jason attended Fairleigh Dickinson University to persuade a career in Information Technology and Digital Humanities that lead him to his full-time job as the Creative Director and Professional Photographer.

His main passion are portraits of people. You can check out his most recent personal project: People of Colombia.

He focuses on passionate commercial and wedding projects. His passion and love for photography is an addiction that has led him to capture amazing memories, and corporate work. His art in photography has led him to capture many talented Latin Artists like; Marc Anthony, Juanes, Romeo Santos, and many other.

His work has led him the opportunity to represent Dolica Corporation as one of their team photographer in the east coast. 

Jason is always looking for passionate clients that will use his art and love for photography in order to capture their memories or assignments. He enjoys traveling and is always looking for an assignment that will take him to adventurous locations. You can always email him at or give him a call at +1 (201) 800- 3998. 

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